Free Courses

With the aim of laying the foundation of digital marketing among the youth and providing them with all the basic skills, all the courses listed here are made free to avail. These courses are designed in such a way that they will enable students to get familiar with fundamentals of the subject. The curriculum of these courses starts with basics and analysis test is given to check acquired skills in real time. These courses come with the most advanced curriculum based on the inputs collected from several expert digital marketers who have proved their mettle in the industry and become master of using the evolving digital technology to drive results.

Why should you take this course?

Courses are easy to avail and demand no mobilisation of students. They can be taken directly from the comfort of your home. Most importantly they don’t eat your pocket. After a successful sign up, you can take the course directly from the interface. We will serve you with videos of lectures on different topics one by one. You can conveniently complete the lecture, once done you will  qualify to take the another lecture. This is how we make sure that our students are following each topic in a required way.

These courses will help students to understand the layout of every subject listed below.  The gradual learning of subject with every topic discussed in detail let students to get the thorough understanding and become used to with the subject. These courses are complemented with some assignments to check the knowledge of students time to time. Once they are They will be ready to pump the clarion and prove their skills in the most envied digital marketing industry

Search Engine Optimization

Get the insights on fundamentals of SEO including understanding of search engine, image optimization, content optimization, meta tags, keyword research, competitor research, etc.

Social Media Optimization

Learn how to create and optimize a business page on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

PPC Course

Learn how to create and optimize your paid campaigns to get the maximum clicks and impressions effectively and lead users to follow the steps thereafter

Website Development using WordPress

Learn how to use CMS like WordPress for creating a user-friendly and seo-ready website. 

Inbound Marketing

Learn how to strategically ensure that the visitors are coming over to your website and going through the funnel accordingly as required.

Content Marketing

Learn how to create and optimize content to make it SEO friendly

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