Online Advertising Course

This course is designed to provide comprehensive training on Google Adwords. This power-packed course will provide you with learning on different sets of ads that can be run to promote business and offerings. Here step-by-step, you learn how to set the different types of ad campaigns with the right targeting, budget, content and also understand, how to optimize those ads on various parameters. Training will cover knowledge on basics to advanced level concepts so that one can get an understanding of all-inclusive facets of online advertising.

Key Features of OA Course

  • Learn about Search, Display, Mobile, App, Shopping, Video Ads.
  • These courses cover the entire spectrum of online advertising.
  • You learn how to add product/services on Google merchant centre and then fetch the information from there into the Ad account
  • Optimizing campaigns to get maximum conversion and higher RoI

Learning Outcomes

  • Better understanding of the Ad Campaigns.
  • Skills in professional ad structuring, product management, targeting and remarketing
  • Expertise on how to write a successful ad copy
  • Greater insights on how to do A/B or split testing with different ads
  • Understanding on analysis of ad performance
  • Proficiency in using ad-scripts to semi automate the ad campaigns
  • Better management of product and services on merchant centre

Eligibility Criteria for the OA Course

  • Course can be availed by Students, Entrepreneurs, and Professionals
  • One must need to have basic computer and Internet surfing skills
  • One must have academic qualifications of SSC (10th) atleast.

Industry Certifications

  1. Google Ads Search
  2. Google Ads Display
  3. Google Ads Video
  4. Shopping Ads
  5. Google Ads Measurement
  6. Google Ads Mobile
  7. Google Ads Apps
  8. Aurafic Academy Certification

OA Course Highlights

  • Certifications:           8
  • Skill Level:                 Advanced
  • Mode of Training:    Online / Offline
  • Topics:                       20
  • Language:                 Hindi / English
  • No.of Hours:            20 Hours
  • Fees:                          INR 8,000

OA Course Curriculum

  1. Fundamentals of Online Advertising
  2. Campaign Planning & Execution
  3. Writing different Ad copies
  4. Setting the daily / monthly budget
  5. Setting the customer targeting
  6. Researching the keywords
  7. Tracking tag implementation
  8. A/B Testing
  9. Designing the Landing Page
  10. Setting the redirection path
  11. Setting the conversions / audience
  12. Setting Google Merchant Centre
  13. Connnecting Analytics with Adwords
  14. Setting the manager account
  15. Performance analysis
  16. Conversion Rate Optimization
  17. Prevent fake clicks or click fraud
  18. Ad Automation
  19. Leads Generation & Nurturing
  20. Remarketing Campaigns

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