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Tailor-Made Learning for Corporate Personnel, Small & Medium Enterprise Owners, Government Employees, Self-Help Groups and Entrepreneurs


Impart skills through our corporate training program in digital marketing and skyrocket your career and business development


When: Workforce needs upgradation in skills

Batch Size: 12

Where: Online / Offline

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Why To Choose Us?

Our tailor-made corporate program trains existing/new personnel on skills requisite to match the current pace of technological advancement and transforming business landscape. Training gives them insights and expertise on how to keep a check and compete against competitors in progressing digital commercial warfare. With exposure to latest technologies and marketing techniques, enabling team of employees gain an upper hand.

Tailor-made Curriculum

Our training program focuses on curriculum to match the corporate requirements

Industry Experts

Our learning program is curated by former industry experts 

Training Result

High engagement outcome based learning with effective and measurable outcome

Why Corporate Training Important for Enterprises?


  • For Growth of Business/ Enterprises: In a study, it was found that corporate training has helped enterprises registering a massive growth of 24% in their profit margins. Each employee keeps potential of driving 200% revenue for the organization through requisite skills and training.


  • For Personnel Development: Training enable the overall development of employees leading to higher productivity at workplace. It leads to stability in their commitments towards the organization and fosters bond & trust between the employees. It results in them to become a voice of brand.

Who Should Join Training?


Business Owners / Heads

Sales & Marketing Team

Public Relation & Communication Team

Digital Markting Team 

CRM Team


IT Team 

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