Aurafic Solution

INDIA’s Most loved Digital Marketing Training Academy

AURAFIC Academy is one of the fastest-growing digital marketing training institutes in India. Studded with some of the best digital marketing experts from the industry, it strives to fulfill the rising demand of online marketing by the big brands, medium-sized companies, and startups. We are expert in providing companies the trained digital marketing professionals who keep an edge over others by having received agency-led training.

Values We Cherish

  • A-Agile
  • U-Uniqueness
  • R-Robust
  • A-Authentic
  • F-Customer Focus
  • I-Innovative
  • C-Collaboration

AURAFIANS: A Team of Digital Marketing Trainers and Consultants

The backbone of our academy is our trainers that consist of a bunch of digital marketing enthusiasts. Each member of our team is an expert in one or more digital marketing processes and carries the strategic level of industry experience after working with some of the established brands in India.

Every member is well-versed with the ethics of business, marketing, and digital traits & manners. This blend of knowledge and astuteness is critical to our strategic approach.

Aurafic Academy takes pride in providing its trainees the industry-led digital marketing training through a team of digital marketing trainers and marketing consultants.

Boosting career growth in a highly competitive landscape may seem a daunting task but at Aurafic Academy, we make it possible. As a leading digital marketing academy in India, we believe in providing comprehensive digital marketing training to our trainees including students, professionals, entrepreneurs, and all those aspiring people who want to grow in the digital world.

Aurafic Academy stands strong in providing the best of digital marketing training to ensure that you stand apart and get a rising professional growth.